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Casio 'Privia' 88-Note Scaled Hammer Action Digital Piano - CDP-230RBKC5

Casio 'Privia' 88-Note Scaled Hammer Action Digital Piano - CDP-230RBKC5
 Casio 'Privia' 88-Note Scaled Hammer Action Digital Piano - CDP-230RBKC5Casio 'Privia' 88-Note Scaled Hammer Action Digital Piano - CDP-230RBKC5 
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Brand:  Casio





The CASIO CDP-230R offers the piano fans a true range of features and impresses with impressive digital effects. Whether numerous rhythms or varied sounds - the CDP-230R is a reliable companion. The built-in speaker system is another strong argument for the CDP-230R. With the optional CS-44PBK stand you can turn this portable ensemble piano into a compact stationary instrument.


  • AHL sound source: AHL is the acronym for "Acoustic & Highly-compressed Large-wave form", a technology for sound production developed by CASIO. This technology produces extremely realistic reproduction of acoustic instruments, the piano in particular.
  • Touch response: Enables dynamic playing by differing sound intensity and sound properties in response to the keystroke. A light, slow stroke sounds soft and gentle, while a hard stroke sounds loud and powerful.
  • Arpeggiator: Breaks a compressed chord or separate notes into certain patterns and repeats these. A short, continuous and repetitive series of notes is created.
  • Audio input: Input for connecting an audio source such as a CD or MP3 player, via a stereo (mini-headphone plug). The audio source will be audible through the instrument’s speakers, allowing you to play along.
  • Auto-Harmonize: Auto-Harmonize automatically supplements harmonies to notes played by the right hand, giving the melody greater depth.
  • Chorus: Digital effect used to double the timbre, making the sound more vibrant, broader and much livelier. This effect is used for digital piano or organ timbres in particular.
  • Fine tune: As the name suggests, this function allows users to tune the instrument to another instrument, such as an out-of-tune piano.
  • Layer: This function layers two timbres, such as soft piano sounds combined with bowed string instruments, perfectly suited for ballads as well as slow and romantic songs.
  • Metronome: The metronome beats in the preset time signature as a guide for keeping to the right tempo.
  • Microphone input: Input for connecting a dynamic microphone.
  • Music presets: Helps when playing well-known songs by allowing the musician to preset elements such as tempo, rhythm and timbre.
  • Octave shift: This setting shifts the octaves on the keyboard to the more comfortable middle zone when playing pieces of music that require users to play on the very low or high zones of the keyboard.
  • One Touch Presets: Integrated presets that configure the instrument for playing popular genres — from the French chanson and the Viennese waltz to Latin and Samba.
  • Reverb: Digital effect that adds reverberation to the timbre.
  • Rhythm editor: Users can modify and adapt existing rhythms using this rhythm editor.
  • Sampling function: This feature allows users to make short audio recordings, which can then subsequently be played on the keyboard. This function is very entertaining because each recording can be used creatively!
  • SD card slot: Slot for standard SD memory cards that allows for easy transfer of data between storage medium and instrument.
  • Scale function: Tuning based on different scales allows users to play other sequences of semitones and whole tones, which enables them to play in different modes, such as old ecclesiastical modes.
  • Scaled Hammer Action: "Hammer action" means that the digital piano keyboard is weighted with little hammers to provide realistic touch sensitivity, just like that of a real grand piano. "Scaled" means that the weight of the keys decreases from the low to the high keys, just like on an acoustic instrument.
  • Split: Option to divide the keyboard into two zones playing differing timbres, e.g. bass with your left hand and piano or vibraphone with your right hand when playing jazz or swing pieces.
  • Transpose: The transpose function shifts the scale on the keyboard by semitones, for instance so that an F would be played on the C key.
  • Step-Up Lesson system: The CASIO lesson system for keyboards, teaching the parts of a piece for the right and left hands separately before both hands play together. Step-by-step learning enables the song to be fully mastered.
  • USB port (PC): Port for a USB cable to connect the instrument to a PC or Mac for the purpose of MIDI and/or data transfer.
  • Backlit LCD
  • General MIDI level 1 standard
  • 2x 8-watt speaker system
  • Pedal connection (1x)
  • Includes mains adapter, SP-3 pedal, music book, music stand
  • 48-note polyphony (max.)
  • 700 tones
  • 152 practice pieces
  • Automatic accompaniment with 200 rhythms
  • 200 rhythms
  • Sequencer (6 tracks x 1 song)
  • Registration setup (4 x 8)
  • Octave shift
  • Headphone connection (1x)
  • Weight 12.0 kg
  • Piano/organ button


  • Keyboard: 88-key piano keyboard, Touch Response: 3 types, Off
  • Maximum Polyphony: 48 notes (24 for certain tones)
  • Tones:

- Built-in Tones: 700
- Sampling Tones: Up to 8 (Melody Sampling: 5, Drum Sampling: 3)* Up to 10 seconds
- Functions: Layer, Split, Piano/Organ button

  • Reverb: 1 to 10, Off
  • Chorus: 1 to 5, Off
  • Metronome:

- Beats per Measure: 0, 2 to 6
- Tempo Range: 30 to 255

  • Song Bank: Built-in Songs: 152  User Songs: Up to 10*
  • Step Up Lesson:

- Lessons: 4 (Listen, Watch, Remember, Auto)
- Lesson Part: L, R, LR
- Functions: Repeat, Voice Fingering Guide, Note Guide, Performance Evaluation

  • Music Challenge: 20 notes
  • Auto Accompaniment:

- Built-in Rhythms: 200
- User Rhythms: Up to 10 (Accompaniment Edit)*

  • Chord Book Function: Chord Guide
  • Registration: 32 (4 setups × 8 banks)
  • Recorder: Real-time recording, playback

- Keyboard Play: 5 songs, 6 tracks
- Playing Along with a Built-in Songs: 1 song (L, R, LR)
- Memory Capacity: Approximately 12,000 notes (total for 6 songs)

  • Other Functions:

- Transpose: ±1 octaves (–12 to +12 semitones)
- Octave Shift: Upper/Lower ±2 octaves
- Tuning: A4 = 415.5 to 465.9 Hz (Initial Default: 440.0 Hz)
- Preset Scales: 17
- Music Preset: 305
- One Touch Preset: 200
- Auto Harmonize: 12 types
- Arpeggiator: 90 types

  • MIDI: 16 multi-timbre received, GM Level 1 standard
  • Musical Information Function: Tone, Rhythm, Song Bank numbers and names, staff notation, fingering, pedal operation, tempo, measure and beat number, chord name, etc.
  • Pitch Bend Wheel: Pitch Bend Range: 0 to 12 semitones
  • Memory Cards:

- Supported Memory Cards: SD or SDHC memory cards, 32GB or less
- Functions: SMF playback, file storage, file recall, file delete, card format

  • Inputs/Outputs:

- USB port: TYPE B
- Sustain/Assignable jack Standard jack (sustain, sostenuto, soft, rhythm)
- Phones/Output jack Stereo standard jack; Output Impedance: 3Ω, Output Voltage: 1.5V (RMS) MAX
- Audio In jack: Stereo mini jack
- Input Impedance: 40kΩ, Input Sensitivity: 200mV
- Mic In/Sampling jack: Standard jack
- Input Impedance: 3kΩ, Input Sensitivity: 10mV

  • Power Jack: 12 V DC
  • Power Supply:

- AC Adaptor: AD-A12150LW
- Auto Power Off: 30 minutes after last key operation

  • Speakers:

- (12 cm × 6 cm oval) × 2
- Output: 8 W + 8 W

  • Power Consumption: 12 V = 18 W
  • Dimensions: 132.2 × 28.6 × 12.9cm (52 1/16 × 11 1/4 × 5 1/16 inch)
  • Weight: Approximately 12.0kg (26.4 lbs)

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