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Apollo Intelligent Open-Area Sounder (Red) - 55000-001APO

Apollo Intelligent Open-Area Sounder (Red) - 55000-001APO
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Brand:  Apollo





The Intelligent Open-Area Sounder has been designed for use in open areas and can be connected to any Discovery or XP95 system.
Electrical Description
All devices are powered directly from the loop and need no external power supply. They operate at 17–28V DC and are polarity sensitive.

A nominal sound output of 100dB(A) is achieved at a current consumption of 5mA in the case of the sounder and 8mA for the sounder beacon. Many control panels will be able to drive up to 20 sounders and up to 15 sounder beacons per loop on average. The maximum number of devices that may be connected to a particular loop should, however, be determined by a loop loading calculation using the Apollo Loop Calculator. This is available via the Apollo website
Since the alarm devices are intended for use in open areas, it is possible for more than one device to be audible at any given point in a building. For this reason, the operation of all may be synchronised by the control panel.
All the alarm devices can be assigned group addresses as well as individual addresses, so that the functional options of the sounder are identical with those of the Sounder Control Unit part no 55000-182.

Mechanical Construction
The alarm devices have a base which is fitted to the mounting surface and wired as a 'first fix'.

Device Addressing
The open-area alarm devices respond to their own individual address set with a DIL switch.
They can also respond to a 'Group Address' which allows multiple sounders to be controlled simultaneously. A group address may be any spare address between 112 and 126 and is selected by means of a 4 segment DIL switch. A device under group address control must have an individual address between 1 and 111 otherwise a fault value of 4 is transmitted. Devices not using the group address facility may be addressed at any address (1–126).

Backward Compatibility
The alarm devices will operate only with control equipment using the Apollo XP95 or Discovery protocol. The features of the Open-area alarm devices are available only when the device is connected to a control panel with the appropriate software.

Product Information
The Intelligent Open-Area Sounder has been designed for use in open areas and can be connected to any Discovery or XP95 system.

Key Features

  • Self-test fault monitoring
  • Choice of tones on standard device: Apollo, Slow Whoop and DIN
  • Two volume settings 92dB(A) and 100dB(A)
  • Synchronisation of tones
  • Individual and group addressing
  • Built in isolator
  • Red or white options
  • Loop-powered
  • IP65 rated



  • Warranty:    10 year


  • Maximum Sound Output Tone :   100dB (A)
  • Selectable Volume(S):    92dB (A), 100dB (A)


  • Power-Up Surge Current:    1.2mA
  • Maximum Power-Up Time:    <1 second
  • Quiescent Current:    333μA
  • Quiescent Current Tested At:    24V dc
  • Supply Voltage (Min):    17V dc
  • Supply Voltage (Max) :   28V dc
  • Supply Voltage (Vmin-Vmax):    17 to 28V dc
  • Polarity:    L1 & L2 are polarity sensitive


  • Humidity (Min):    0% RH
  • Humidity (Max):    95% RH
  • Humidity Note:    no condensation or icing
  • Humidity:    0% to 95% (no condensation or icing)
  • Operating Temperature (Min):    -10°C
  • Operating Temperature (Max) :   55°C
  • Operating Temperature:    -10 to 55°C
  • IP Rating Value:    IP65


  • Standards:    EN 54-3
  • Approvals:    CCMG, CPD, LPCB, VNIIPO, VdS, Kazak


  • Weight:    225g
  • Colour:    Red
  • Materials Housing:    Polycarbonate
  • Product Depth:    97.5mm
  • Product Diameter:    104mm

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