ADJ Micro Galaxian II Laser


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Light up any party with the Micro Galaxian II laser. This green and red laser produces more than 200 beams that may be projected on a wall, ceiling or dance floor. Safe to use, this laser complies with FDA standards.

The Micro Galaxian II is easy to use – just plug it in and run the laser’s built-in lighting programs in Auto or Sound Active mode. Comes complete with a dual hanging bracket and a wireless remote control.

The Micro Galaxian II’s compact, light weight case design makes it ideal for mobile entertainers, bands, night clubs and bars or any party goers!


– Produces more than 200 green and red laser beams that can be projected on a ceiling, wall or dance floor

– Compact case design

– 2 operational modes: Auto Mode (built-in programs), or Sound Active Mode

– Built-in programs can be changed with a push of a button on the unit or from an infrared remote

– Includes dual hanging bracket

– Complies with FDA standards

– Fan cooled

– Power consumption: 9W max

– Green Laser: 30mW (532nm) Green laser

– Red Laser: 80mW (650nm) Red laser

– Includes UL Listed multi-voltage power supply: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz

– UC Laser IR Included [Auto Fast and Slow/Sound Control; Black Out; Color Change (R, G, R+G, Random); Rotation Control (Clockwise/Counter-Clockwise/Random)]

– Dimensions (LxWxH):  130 x 172x 130mm

– Weight:  .6 kg.

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