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Series 65 incorporates well-proven sensing technologies, including an Integrated Circuit based on that used in XP95 analogue addressable detectors.

The Series 65 range has a wide operating voltage of 9–33V and consists of ionisation, integrating ionisation and optical smoke detectors, four grades of heat detector and a range of bases.

Brand Features

Wide-operating voltage of 9–33 V DC

Wide-operating and storage temperature of -20°C to +60°C

Can be used on security systems

Electrically and mechanically compatible with Series 60

Proven detection performance


All detectors in the Series 65 range fit into Series 60 standard mounting bases. The bases are of 100mm diameter and have five terminals marked according to their function: Line 1 in, line 1 out, line 2 in and out, remote indicator negative, earth.
Detectors are polarity insensitive, so that identification of positive and negative lines is only required if a remote LED is fitted. An earth connection is not required for either safety or correct operation of detectors. The earth terminal is provided for tidy termination of earthed conductors or cable screens and to maintain earth continuity where necessary.
Bases have a wide interior diameter for ease of access to cables and terminals and there are two slots for fixing screws at a spacing of 51 to 69mm. Detectors fit into bases one way only and require clockwise rotation without push force to be plugged in. They can be locked into the base by a grub screw using a 1.5mm hexagonal driver, part no 29600-095.

Product Information

The Series 65 Diode Base is designed for use with conventional systems that have manual call points and detector bases on the same circuit. The base is fitted with a schottky diode on the “L1 IN” and “L1 OUT” wiring terminals. This base can only be used with compatible control equipment.

Key Features

Detector locking mechanism

One way fit

Easy to wire

Contains an earth connector

Continues to work during unauthorised removal of detectors

Additional information

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