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BandLab started out as a social music platform that enables creators  to make music and share the creative process with musicians and fans.  With a global community of creators and fans, BandLab is used by more  than a million creators and fans around the world to make music and  share their creative process.

Building on success, the company has moved into recording hardware with the phenomenal Link series of  mobile audio interfaces bring a whole new level of quality and  affordability whether you are an aspiring singer or professional  guitarist.

The Link series empowers creators around the world to  make more music. Manufactured entirely in-house, you’ll feel the  difference as soon as it’s in your hands.

Changing the game for  what you would expect from an entry-level price point, highest quality  components like Neutrik Combo Jacks and our proprietary coiled and  shielded cables allow you to worry less, play more.

With our  combination of hardware and software you have access to effects and  sounds that have previously been inaccessible without hundreds or even  thousands of dollars to spare. Plug your guitar into the BandLab app  using the Link Analog and access all of this and more for free.

In addition, the Link series is completely cross platform and will work  with iOS or Android devices (phone or tablet) and seamlessly integrates  into any audio recording app (Garageband, FL Studio, etc) in addition to the BandLab app.

BandLab Link Analog – Mobile Recording Interface

The BandLab Link Analog allows you to connect any guitar or a microphone  into any iOS or Android device, and produce a fully finished recording,  either with BandLab’s own free software or in fact any audio recording  software.

With pro-level features such as Neutrik Combo jack,  super solid construction, high-quality cables and elegantly simple  set-up (just plug it in !!!), the Bandlab Analog Link is set to redefine what ‘Going Into The Studio’ means.


 • Plug and Play

    Simply plug a guitar or mic directly into the Link Analog     Connect the supplied TRRS cable into any iOS/Android phone or tablet     Open any recording software and start recording

  • Build Quality

    Neutrik Combo Jack Socket (XLR or ¼” Jack)     Slug-weighted to stop the unit being dragged by an instrument cable.     Built-in battery rechargeable via USB (8 hours play time)     Proprietary shielded TRRS cable to connect to iOS/Android device

  • Free Software Free BandLab recording software features a range of guitar/vocal effects,  free sample packs, looper, tuner & keyboard sounds  (iOS/Android  compatible)   • Software Compatibility BandLab Link Analog  allows you to record or perform using any recording app such as  GarageBand, Music Memos, FL Studio plus it works just as effectively  with Facebook/Twitter/YouTube for live streaming.   • Hardware Compatibility Compatible with any iOS or Android device


•  1/4″ & XLR Neutrik Combo Jack •  1/8″ Headphone output •  1/8″ TRRS Speaker output •  Micro-USB charging port •  Adjustable gain knob for finding the right level •  Built-in rechargeable battery for added noise reduction •  Play Time 8 hours

What’s in the box?

BandLab Link Analog Shielded TRRS Cable Micro USB Charging Cable


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