C-Tec CFP AlarmSense 4 Zone Two-Wire Fire Alarm Panel – CFP704-2


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LPCB certified to EN54-2/4, C-TEC’s CFP two-wire 4 zone AlarmSense fire panel is designed to work with Apollo’s AlarmSense range of detectors, call points, sounders and visual indicators.

Most conventional fire systems work with two pairs of wires per zone: one pair for detection devices; the other for alarm devices. By using different voltage bands for quiescent and alarm states, AlarmSense components can be connected to the same pair of supply wires. This reliable technology takes all of the complexity out of fire system design, leading to quicker, more flexible installation and around a 20-25% reduction of labour over a standard four wire system.

The CFP704-2 includes four AlarmSense zones, four conventional sounder circuits, class change & alert inputs and on-board fire & fault relays. A wide range of engineering functions are also provided including selectable zone delays, coincidence and non-latching zone facilities.

More Information

  • Third-party certified to EN54 parts 2 and 4 by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB).
  • Intuitive user-friendly interface with colour-coded buttons and combined keypad/keyswitch entry.
  • Manufactured by C-TEC in the UK.
  • Four AlarmSense zone circuits – compatible with Apollo’s AlarmSense detectors, call points, sounders and visual indicators.
  • Four conventional sounder circuits.
  • Integral 1.5A EN54-4/A2 compliant switch mode PSU.
  • Wide range of engineering functions including zone test, coincidence, zone delay and non-latching zones.
  • Two on-board relays (Fire and Fault).
  • Two open-collector outputs (Remote and Reset).
  • ‘Class change’ and alert inputs.
  • Installer-friendly design.
  • Attractive flush or surface mountable plastic lid and enclosure – no bezel required.
  • Low 25mA quiescent current.
  • Multiple indicators.
  • System expansion connections provided for up to eight two-wire repeaters (one CFP761 network card required per system).
  • Space for two x 12V 3.3Ah VRLA batteries.

Technical Specifications

  • Approvals/certifications:    Certified to EN54-2/4 by the LPCB (0832-CPR-F0386).
  • Mains supply:    230V 50/60Hz.
  • Mains rated current:    350mA maximum.
  • Internal power supply :   19V-28.5V (27V nominal). Ripple 7V maximum (battery fault).
  • Total output current limited to:    1.5A @ 230Vac (ImaxA eq 146mA).
  • Quiescent current:    25mA (mains failed, internal sounder active, PSU & gen fault LED lit).
  • Max battery size and type:    2 x 12V 3.2Ah VRLA connected in series. Min. battery size 1.2Ah.
  • No. of detector zone circuits:    The CFP704-2 has 4 AlarmSense zone circuits which are compatible with Apollo’s AlarmSense range of detectors & call points AND sounders & visual indicators. (Max. length per circuit is 500m).
  • Call point resistor value:    Only use AlarmSense call points.
  • Max. devices per detector zone:    25 AlarmSense detectors/manual call points per AlarmSense zone. For AlarmSense sounder limitations per AlarmSense zone see ‘Max. sounder output current’ section.
  • No. of conventional sounder circuits:    4 – these are additional conventional (non-AlarmSense) sounder circuits; Max. length per circuit is 500m.
  • EOL resistor value:    6800Ω 5% Tol. 0/25W (blue, grey, red, gold).
  • Alarm voltage:    27V max, 20V min (final battery voltage)
  • Max. sounder output current:    Each AlarmSense zone circuit & each conventional sounder circuit will support a max. sounder current of 200mA. Distribute sounder loads as evenly as possible. Total sounder loading per panel should not exceed 1.25A.
  • Auxiliary relays:    Two: (1) Aux. Fire; (2) Fault. Volt free single pole changeover. Max. switch current 1A; Max. switch voltage 30Vdc.
  • Open collector outputs:    Two: (1) Reset (Active during reset cycle); (2) Remote (Active during any unsilenced fire condition provided all relevant delays have expired). Max. sink current 30mA, Max. open circuit voltage 27Vdc)
  • Other outputs:   24V Aux. Power (Protected by a resettable fuse. 100mA min. hold current. Resets when fault removed).
  • Auxiliary inputs:    Two: (1) ‘Class Change’ (constant sounders); (2) Alert (pulsed sounders). Connect to 0V to trigger, Max. input voltage 27V (non-latching)
  • Engineer (AL3) functions:    Program coincidence (double knock); Invoke One Man Walk Test; Program delays; Set up zones for non-latching operation; Program sounders to resound (or not resound) when a new zone enters alarm; Enter fault diagnostic facilities
  • Expansion connections:    Yes – for optional network driver cards (one required per repeater system), relay output cards and EN54-13 sounder circuit interface boards.
  • Product dimensions (mm):    380 W x 235 H x D 96mm.
  • Construction & finish:    Plastic lid and base; RAL7035 textured
  • IP Rating:    IP30
  • Weight :   1.75kg (without batteries).

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