Diago Deluxe Daisy Chain 2.1mm Barrel Plugs (Pack of 6) PS02


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Power an additional 6 pedals with your Powerstation or Micropower9.

A daisy chain allows multiple effects pedals to be powered from the same 9V power supply. Each Diago Powerstation comes with one Deluxe Daisy Chain to power 6 effects pedals, but with a capacity of 3000mA it will power many more than that – we reckon up to about 30.

Use as many Deluxe Daisy Chains as you need to power your whole pedalboard. You can also use a Deluxe Daisy Chain with the 1000mA Micropower9 to power a smaller pedalboard.

Unlike most daisy chains, the Diago Deluxe Daisy Chain is rated up to the full 3000mA of the Powerstation – most cheaper designs would melt at that sort of current.

The Deluxe Daisy Chain has 30cm/12″ of cable between each plug. If you need more than that, use a Black Adaptor (see below) as an extension. It also has extra-long (12mm) plugs to easily reach inside recessed power sockets.

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