Jim Dunlop Guitar Body And Care Cleaning Kit JD-6503


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Body and Fingerboard Cleaning Kit

Dunlop’s two most popular maintenance products in one box. Fretboard 65 Ultimate Lemon Oil and Formula 65 Polish are chosen by players and techs worldwide to keep their instruments in top shape, and it seemed only natural to package these two great products together. Formula 65 Polish has become the industry standard daily-use cleaner because it creates a genuine, no-residue shine in a hurry, with the proper chemical balance to preserve any finish. Fretboard 65 Ultimate Lemon Oil is the perfect complement as it cleans away fingerboard grime and returns your fretboard to its original luster. Both products leave an invisible sealant against stains and moisture. This kit comes complete with two polish cloths (one for each product).

The Body and Fingerboard Cleaning Kit FAQs

Q: Is Formula 65 tested on animals?
A: No we do not test any of our polishes on animals.
Q: How can I purchase Dunlop products?
A: We always prefer that players purchase Dunlop products at your local music store. However, if your store does not stock the item and is not willing to special order the item for you, you can order directly from us. You will find that you can purchase our products at a better price from your local music store, online music retailer, or mail order companies. We do not discount our prices, as we do not want to compete with your local music store. To order from us, just visit http://shop.jimdunlop.com/ecommerce/ or call us at 707-745-2722 and ask for the sales department. We are open Monday through Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm Pacific Standard Time. We accept VISA and MasterCard over the phone. You can also fax your order to us at 707-745-2658 and include a listing of the items you wish to order along with your Name, Address, Contact Phone Number and Credit Card Information. There is a $6.25 minimum shipping and handling fee on all orders. All orders are shipped U.P.S. ground service, unless you indicate otherwise.
Q: Is Formula 65 antistatic?
A: Yes
Q: Is the Formula 65 okay to use on a nitro finish?
A: Yes, Formula 65 polish is ok to use on a nitro finish. I would not use it if there are cracks, weather checking, or dings in the finish. I would not use it on an old and thin finish either. Rubbing on a thin and old nitro finish with any liquid polish and a cloth can take off color.

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