Peavey IPR2 3000 Power Amp


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Boasting a net weight of just over 7lbs on the lightest model, the groundbreaking IPR2 Series utilizes an advanced design that allows our engineers to dramatically reduce weight while increasing output power, reliability, and thermal efficiency. Designed with a resonant switch-mode power supply and a high-speed class-D topology that yields the highest audio resolution and efficiency available – and all at a cost that shatters the old-guard paradigm of power-amp valuation.
These revolutionary power amplifiers are the only power amps to integrate Waves® MaxxBass® technology, which uses psycho-acoustics to create precise harmonic overtones that give the illusion of adding low frequencies to the mix. This technology allows sound engineers to dial more perceived low-end into a system without adding more power amps, processing, or subwoofers. Hi-pass filters on every channel remove unwanted rumble and noise, and balanced AUX and Master outputs ensure a clean noise-free signal to your powered speakers or power amplifier.
MaxxBass® uses psycho-acoustics to calculate precise harmonics that are added to the original signal. When these harmonics are combined with the original signal, it creates the effect of lower, deeper frequencies. By tricking the human ear into perceiving lower frequencies that are not actually present in the output of the original signal, MaxxBass® allows the IPR2 to produce extremely powerful bass at relatively low power. The added harmonics allow smaller speakers to produce more perceived bass than they would otherwise be able to produce with traditional amplifiers.

Rated watts 2ch x 2 ohms: 1750 watts 20ms repetitive burst
1450 watts 1% THD both channels driven @ 1kHz
Rated watts 2cha x 4 ohms: 950 watts 20ms repetitive burst
900 watts 1% THD / 815 watts 0.15% THD, both channels @ 1kHz
Rated watts 2ch x 8 ohms: 525 watts 20ms repetitive burst
500 watts 1% THD / 430 watts 0.15% THD, both channels @ 1kHz
Dimensions (HxWxD): 3.5” x 19” x 10.5” behind front panel, +0.6” for handle
88mm x 483mm x 267mm behind front panel, +15mm for handle
Weight: 8.16lbs / 3.7kg

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