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KT-10: Kick Trigger Pedal Hard-hitting performance from the world’s quietest kick. It’s a daily dilemma for every drummer. Mid-practice, regular as clockwork, there’s the bang at the door and the neighbour telling you to keep it down. Of course, a major advantage of Roland V-Drums over an acoustic kit is the ability to plug in headphones for discrete practice. But if you want to make your sessions even quieter – while maxing out your performance – get your kicks from the new Roland KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal. Silence is golden with the Roland KT-10: a low-noise kick trigger pedal for use with Roland V-Drums sound modules and other electronic percussion gear. Alongside its fast, fluid response to your footwork, the all-in-one design has a reverse-action trigger mechanism that means the pedal is far quieter in operation than a kick pad played with a standard pedal and beater.

It’s adaptable, too. If you’re creating a hybrid drum kit, the Roland KT-10’s compact footprint makes it ideal for use alongside an acoustic kick pedal, and it’s also a great choice for expanding the fire-power of other electronic percussion units like Roland’s SPD-SX, HandSonic HPD-20 and Octapad SPD-30. All-in-one kick trigger pedal with low-noise operation Innovative reverse-action trigger mechanism provides authentic playing feel in a compact design. Extremely quiet performance, great for not disturbing others when playing V-Drums at home Produces approximately 75 per cent less noise than a Roland KD-9 Kick Pad triggered with a standard beater (based on Roland test data) . Small footprint and low-profile body, ideal for use in a hybrid acoustic/electronic drum or percussion kit. Works with all Roland percussion products equipped with 1/4-inch trigger inputs, including the TM-2 Trigger Module, V-Drums sound modules, SPD-series percussion pads, and the HandSonic HPD-20. Solid construction, smooth performance and attractive appearance. Adjustable spring and moveable weights allow for customisation of playing response. Mix In jack for easy expansion with a second KT-10.

75% LESS NOISE FOR PRACTICE ANYTIME, ANYPLACE There’s nothing more frustrating than reining in your midnight practice sessions because the squares next-door are trying to sleep. It’s a factor that has drawn countless drummers to Roland’s ultra-practical V-Drums, which feature headphone jacks and near-silent mesh-head pads. The only sticking-point is that if you’re using a kick trigger pad with a standard pedal and beater, there’ll still be audible noise while playing – and that’s where the Roland KT-10 kicks in. With its innovative reverse-action trigger mechanism, the pedal is proven to produce approximately 75 per cent less noise, without compromising feel and playability one jot. Simply connect the KT-10 to any V-Drums sound module with ¼-inch trigger inputs and you’re good to go.

A SIMPLE FIRST STEP TOWARDS A HYBRID KIT Maybe you don’t have a Roland V-Drums kit, and you’re thinking the KT-10 isn’t for you. Not true. Alongside instant compatibility with any V-Drums sound module, this unit is ideal for building a ‘hybrid’ kit (acoustic drums augmented with electronic features), thanks to a compact all-in-one design that leaves space for additional pedals and doesn’t cramp your footwork. To bring mindblowing sounds into your hybrid kit, try the KT-10 alongside the Roland TM-2 Trigger Module, or boost the capability of Roland e-percussion gear like the SPD-SX Sampling Pad, Octapad SPD-30 and HandSonic HPD-20. Plus, when you’re up for some Bonham-style mayhem, the convenient Mix In trigger jack lets you easily add a second KT-10 to create a double-pedal setup.

TAILOR THE FEEL TO SUIT YOUR FOOTWORK An unresponsive kick pedal can scupper your whole show, and while the Roland KT-10 is space-age clever, it doesn’t neglect the old-fashioned stuff. Ripping up the ‘one-size-fits-all’ philosophy, this unit lets you tailor the pedal’s response by removing weights in the beater mechanism (or shifting them to different slots), while moving the spring to different hook positions is a simple way to modify the tension. It’s your pedal. Have it your way.

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