Sfarzo SFT 11-48 Blues Screamers Electric Guitar Strings


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Sfarzo Guitar String Company LLC manufactures the finest fretted instrument strings available in the U.S.A. and now they're in the UK! Collectively, Sfarzo staff has 75 years of string making experience. Their string products are made by their own expert machinists on their own custom made machines.

Sfarzo Guitar String metal alloy combination choices, in conjunction with the best possible raw materials available, represent what we feel is a superior string product. Their Rounded HexCore, Wrap to Core Ratio, along with Gauge Coupling combinations ensure a high quality product. Projection and tone is outstanding.  With bright output and enhanced sustain, Sfarzo Strings are the favorite of professionals from all over the globe.

Sfarzo Screamers are a Nickel/Iron Alloy combination string. This results in very powerful tone while still maintaining a bright output sound with astounding amounts of sustain!

These strings have higher iron content which allows the string to sustain longer with higher output. Also known for their long life while maintaining their tone. A perfect Rock and Roll to Heavy Metal string.

Gauges: .011 .014 .018 .028 .038 .048

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