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The Stagg CAJ-50 Natural Cajon is absolutely perfect for beginners, offering a good range of tones for experimenting drummers or novice percussionists to explore. Crafted from select cuts of inner bark lime-wood, this great little Cajon stands at a relatively standard 48cm (19″) tall, with a width of 29cm (11.5″) & depth of 30.5cm (12″).

Whilst seated on the top of the Cajon, you can explore the different areas of the front plate with different parts of your hands, opening up an exciting world of acoustic tones, ideal for latin, folk, and acoustic pop/rock in particular. A drum that is increasingly popular amongst drummers looking for a portable drum to give them a variety of sounds this would make a great addition to your drum collection or be a great place to start out to get a feel for drumming and percussion instruments.

Body: 7 layers of plywood birch, 9 mm (0.35″)
Back: 5 layers of plywood birch, 7 mm (0.28″)
Front board: 3 layers of plywood birch, 3 mm (0.12″)
Feet: Anti-skid rubber
Strings: 2 pairs, adjustable, mounted in V-pattern
Special feature: Ergonomic side and front edges
Included: Tuning key and padded gig bag with accessory compartment (CAJB10-50)
Size: 29.5 x 31 x 48 cm (11.61 x 12.2 x 18.9″)
Net weight: 5 kg (11 lb)
Front board finish: Sunburst

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